Psychoactive Plants: Ethical Issues and Basic Evaluations
James O. Fajemiroye
ISBN : 9781787150003 (Hard Bound)
Pages : 249
Year : 2017
Weight : 1060gms
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Foreword vii
Preface ix
1. Psychoactive Plants 1
2. Ethnobotanical Approach to Psychoactive Pre-Colombian
Plants from Ancient and Contemporary American Cultures
in Mexico and Chile 25
3. Medicinal Plant for Maternal Healthcare 65
4. Ethics and Procedural Steps in Basic Researches 85
5. From Field to Herbarium: Plant Collection
and Preservation Techniques 97
6. Methods of extraction, isolation and
Standardisation of Phytochemicals 103
7. Preclinical Techniques for the Evaluation of
Psychoactive Plants 117
8. Overview of Medicinal Plants with Cardiovascular Activities 135
9. Pharmacokinetics Profile of Medicinal Plants
and Potential Interactions with Xenobiotic 147
10. Scientific Reporting 161
References 171
Index 225

Contains more than hundred of psychoactive plants species with phytoconstituents. Unique tool for extraction, isolation and standardisation of phytochemicals. Recent information of medicinal plants for maternal healthcare and cardiovascular activities. Illustrative figures, chemical structures and preclinical techniques for the evaluation of psychoactive plants are included. Unique basic guidelines to researchers and scientific reporting.

James O. Fajemiroye, Ph.D., was born and brought up in a community where medicinal plants usage was a daily experience. He conducted ethnobotanical survey of Ilorin Emirate while working as industrial trainee under a renowned horticulturist, Mr. Anthony Okulaja. He furthered his education by taking an M.Sc. (Area of specialization - Cellular and Molecular Biology) and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Area of specialization Pharmacology and Physiology) under the supervision of Dr. Elson Alves Costa at the Federal University of Goias, Institute of Biological Sciences in 2012 and 2015, respectively. His researches focused on preclinical evaluation of crude extracts and/or phytoconstituents with anxiolytic and/or antidepressant properties. He also worked under Dr. Jordan K. Zjawiony, who was the co-advisor of his Ph.D. thesis, at the University of Mississippi, School of Pharmacy. His area of research included the pharmacological evaluation of psychoactive plants, compounds (natural or synthetic) and chemical modification of biologically active natural products. He was awarded a prestigious 2-year postdoctoral fellow (Programa Nacional de Pós Doutorado) to develop analytical method for pharmacokinetic profiling of behavioural alterations in experimental animals. The latter brought his pharmacological research experience full circle. He acted as a student representative on the Board of International Society for Ethnopharmacology (ISE) and just recently, he was elected as a full Board member of ISE. He is a teacher, editorial board member, reviewer, examiner, keynote speaker, co-author of book and articles.