Natural Medicines: An Encyclopaedia of Complementary Healing Arts and Sciences
Debasish Kundu, Malik A.K. Awan
ISBN : 9781787150027 (Hard Bound)
Pages : 472
Year : 2017
Weight : 922gms
Price : £ 90.00

Foreword v
Preface to the Second Edition vii
Preface to the Third Thoroughly Revised Edition ix
1. Introduction 1
2. Acupressure 5
3. Acupuncture 7
4. Alexander Technique 17
5. Aromatherapy 23
6. Astromedicine 37
7. Ayurveda 55
8. Bach Flower Medicine 73
9. Biochemic Medicine 77
10. Biofeedback 85
11. Chakra Healing 89
12. Chiropracty and Osteopathy 95
13. Dowsing 99
14. Electrohomoepathy 107
15. Feng Shui 115
16. Gem and Crystal Therapy 123
17. Herbology or Unani 139
18. Holistic Medicine 155
19. Homeopathy 165
20. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy 203
21. Inner Healing 219
22. Iridology 223
23. Meditation 227
24. Magnetotherapy 235
25. Massage Therapy 241
26. Medical Gymnastics 255
27. Music Therapy 257
28. Pranic Healing 271
29. Pyramid Healing 275
30. Qigong 281
31. Reiki 291
32. Rudraksh Therapy 303
33. Shiastsu 311
34. Siddha Medicine 315
35. Spiritual Health 341
36. Tantra Healing 347
37. Vastu 353
38. Yoga and Naturopathy 357
39. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Herbs and Shrubs 365
Glossary of English Terms 445
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms 449
Bibliography 451
Index 455

This book provides a clear and comprehensive presentation of all basic and most advanced approaches to complementary and alternative healing arts and sciences. Combining authority with accessibility and style on subjects ranging from Aromatherapy to Tantra, and Quantum healing to Medieval Chemistry in a fascinating fluid writing based on a firm reasoning of clinical evidence. The authors also explore modern medicine's encounters with traditional medicine. This is an admirably concise and interesting book covering the ancient practices to modern innovations and will be referenced for decades.

Dr. Debasish Kundu a Ph.D in Spagyric Homeopathy from an American University is a renowned authority on Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM), he is a Visiting Professor of Khulna Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, affiliated to Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Vice President of American Nutritional Medical Association, CA, USA, and International Homeopathic Medical Society, USA, and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Homeopathy and Natural Medicines, Science Publishing Group, USA, Editor-in-Chief, The Internet Journal of Herbal and Plant Medicine, USA. He has also authored and edited numerous books and journals on CAM, Sexology and Homeotherapeutics. Dr. Malik A.K. Awan is a leading personality of natural health movement in USA, he is a renowned scholar in Psychology, Homeopathy/Holistic Medicine and Religious Studies. He is also a Doctor of Common Law and CEO/President of American Nutritional Medical Association, USA, International Holistic Medical Society, International Homeopathic Medical Society. He has edited many journals and authored many books and articles on Natural Medicine. He is a laurate, Albert Schweitzer Award for Medicine